It's not about us.

We are here to make Jesus famous.


The invitation starts now.

Everything we do, we do with enthusiasm, passion, and excellence.


We bow before the battle.

We are weak; He is strong.


We are snakebirds.

We trust God to do everything He can do, but we do everything we can do.


We will risk the ocean.

Launching into deeper waters.


We thrive through God's word.

God's word is alive. [2 Timothy 3]


We want to be an uprising of HONOR.

We want to honor those who lead us UP, DOWN, & OUT.


We do not wear Saul's armor.

We can learn from other places that are doing great things. We will do things no one is doing to reach people no one is reaching.


We do more by doing less.

We are Chipotle, not Cheddars. By keeping the menu simple, we can do things with enthusiasm, passion, and excellence.


We desire to be a youth led movement.

We are calling out an under-challenged generation to tap their full potential and change the world.


Our goal is not to make everybody get it.

We are not for everybody. We are who we are! You don't have to believe to belong.


We're all in.

The stakes are high. We want to stand as one behind the vision and mission of things. There is a singular vision.